Hiya Mark

A great website with excellent images.

Never knew that you were so into photography but you leave us in no doubt that you are.

Congrats on site and pictures.

I am in the process of setting up with Clikpic etc

although not in competition as far as selling is concerned:))

Having a few `teething troubles` but that`s down to the `age thing` I guess:))


Doug Morehead
Doug Morehead


Hi Mark,

Debbie mentioned you had a site so I've had a quick look today. Its very impressive!

I started digital photography at the beginning of this year. I think I'll also need a website just to have somewhere for them to be seen rather than carrying a book or memory stick around. Not sure I'll make a living from selling them but at least its fun taking them.


Warren Jones


Hi Mark;
Excellent work. I to am a photographer here in the US in Chicago. I shoot for mostly fun and hobby (and work..not full time job) It is interesting to find another MARK SAUNDERS in the same business. I see you enjoy it as much as I. I have two sites if you ever want to visit them and share your opinion.
Take care and bet of luck with your work
Mark Saunders USA
Mark Saunders (USA Photgrapher)

Chalange tommy walsh

Hi mark saw a slight younger bersion of you on chalange tommy walsh the other night. proberly 5-10yrs ago? how are you?
mark adams